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6 easy steps to








— Prep Your Tray

To form your tray, hold one of them by the tab and submerge in hot, but not boiling, water for 5 – 10 seconds until you see the tray material begin to soften.



— Shape Up

Immediately place the tray in your mouth and, using your fingers, press it firmly against the front of your teeth and use your tongue to press against the back. To ensure a close fit, close your mouth and suck to tighten the tray. Remove and place in cold water. Repeat this process for the second tray.

If you feel the tray is not a close fit, you can repeat steps 1 & 2 until the tray feels just right. Once the trays are formed, cut off the tabs.



— Gel Up

Snap the cap off the tip of the syringe. Apply a thin line of gel to the inside of the trays and recap the syringe. Each SmileNV syringe is sufficient for up to 6 complete applications.



— Time To Shine

Pop the trays in your mouth and whiten for 30 mins – 2 hours. It’s simple, the longer the application time, the whiter your teeth will be.



— Time To Remove

Remove trays and lightly brush teeth to remove excess gel. Rinse trays, dry and place in holder.



— Repeat

Repeat daily until desired shade is achieved. Use regularly to maintain your desired shade.